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Betel men Australia

Our Story

In 1986 Betel received its first destitute men and women off the streets of Madrid, Spain. Since that time over 100,000 homeless, substance abusers and socially disadvantaged have been helped throughout Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, France, United Kingdom, India, Mexico, Mongolia, USA, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Argentina, Czech Republic, Australia, Ireland, Nepal, Finland, South Africa, Brazil, North Africa and Central Asia. Betel residences currently host approximately 2,200 recovering men and women in 90 cities in 23 nations.

For contact details on Betel’s centres worldwide, see our International website.

Betel Australia

Betel Australia is a caring, not-for-profit Christian community located in the heart of Victoria’s Yarra Valley and dedicated to restoring homeless and substance-dependent people to productive, independent lifestyles. Our residences are drug- and alcohol-free, and all our support services are free of charge (See ‘Admission Procedures’ for more details). We offer at all times the opportunity of restoration to all persons who seek help.

Vision for Australian Expansion

Homelessness and substance abuse continue to escalate in the Australia. In keeping with our pattern of growth in Spain and other nations, Betel is committed to expanding into every major city in Australia as properties and/or funding become available.